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HI-LO has been devoted to providing device programming solutions. Established in 1983, after years of hard work and by providing quality products and global services, HI-LO has successfully distributed our products and secured a high market share worldwide. Besides, HI-LO has established overseas offices and programming centers to provide services to satisfy the prompt and high volume of demands from local customers.

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FLASH-300 Gang Stand-Alone Device Programmer

A high performance gang stand-alone device programmers

FLASH-300 Gang Device Programmer is a newly designed stand-alone device programmer. It provides a high quality-programming platform for newly released IC products on the market, especially for high-density memory (such as eMMC/eMCP) units. FLASH-300 works with multiple Socket Boards to perform multi-site programming for limited / mass production.

FLASH-300’s extremely high frequency core circuit design significantly cuts down programming time for high-density memory products. FLASH-300 Device Programmer has 113 x 16 sets of Precise Universal Pin Drivers to provide high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable programming signals for various IC products including high speed, low power devices recently released to the market.

For more to go, the FLASH-300 based Automated Programming System, AT3-32 Series, is preferable.

The supporting software is updated weekly on HILO’s web site for easy access to check / retrieve through the Internet. Programming and support of new products will not be neglected after purchase.


Pan Asia Programming Services

Besides specializing in design, manufacturing and marketing of device programmers, HI-LO SYSTEMS established its Programming Center in 2001 to extend its expertise into the field of IC programming services to satisfy the high demands coming from IT and the hand-held device market.

With powerful support from the HI-LO engineering team and over 200 sets of automated programming systems, the HI-LO Programming Center is able to offer comprehensive and also competitive solutions for device programming, ink / laser marking, taping & reeling, 3D optical lead inspection, baking and dry packing, etc., including special requests of customized device programming and packing.

This Center has been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Assisted by ERP real-time management control system, all programming processes and operations are under the strictest control. Optimum programming quality, yield and efficiency are sustained at the highest levels. The Programming Center is capable of offering programming services for over 600K units daily. Since we developed the necessary technology ourselves and work with key IC manufacturers at very early stages, HI-LO has already become the most important programming service provider in the market.


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To best-support our customers, we have moved our software download service on this web to a place where registered customer can only reach.  From now on, customers need to register first in order to download up-to-date software for our products.

Please visit our "Home" page and register.  We are sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.  If you need any further assistance, please contact us for further help at sales@ms1.hilosystems.com.tw. Thank you!!

Strongest NAND & eMMC supports ever...

Superfast ALL-300G is designed to support high density IC devices like NAND, eMMC.

Pan Asia Programming Service with ISO-14001, ISO-9001
, and Automotive TS16949 certified.

3D Lead scan, Coplanarity, 2D measurement,
PVI defect, Scratches, Cracks etc. and Laser marking.

High density NAND,eMMC etc., Customized programming

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