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"Automation Kick-Start"
Maximize your production demands and budget with Hi-Lo’s automated programming system while getting the best control of your production plan.


In order to best support our customers, Hi-Lo would like to offer customers a "Kick-Start” program for those who are interested in setting up their own automatic IC device programming system for production and making sure to have it quickly up and run.

  • Do you need to do mass programming production of variety of IC device?
  • Do you need to have best control of your IC device programming job? 

"Simply cost-effective" -- go for AT3-310A2N + Auto Tape/Tray

Device Programmers

Automated Programming Systems

Service Change

Dear Customers

To best-support our customers, we have moved our software download service on this web to a place where registered customer can only reach.  From now on, customers need to register first in order to download up-to-date software for our products.

Please visit our "Home" page and register.  We are sorry for any inconvenience that may cause.  If you need any further assistance, please contact us for further help at sales@ms1.hilosystems.com.tw. Thank you!!

Pan Asia Programming Service with ISO-14001, ISO-9001
, and Automotive TS16949 certified.

3D Lead scan, Coplanarity, 2D measurement,
PVI defect, Scratches, Cracks etc. and Laser marking.

High density NAND,eMMC etc., Customized programming

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