1983 established, 30 plus years till then.

Head quarter Rueiguang Road, NeiHu,「Neihu Science Park」, Taipei, Taiwan
Employees Taiwan ~200,  China ~120
R&D Engineers Totally about 90, covering「Hardware」,「Firmware」,「Automation」,「Vision」,「System software」etc.,
Branch offices China Shenzhen , China Souzhou, Japan Yokohama, USA Silicon Valley
Factories Neihu Production Plant, Xizhi Programming Center, Hsinchu Memory Testing Center, Hong Kong Programming Center, Shenzhen Programming Center, Souzhou Memory Testing Center, Japan Yokohama Programming Center
Quality Assurance ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Customers Major companies in Taiwan, China, Japan, USA, Europe, covering IC design houses, IC distrobutors, Mobile phone/Tablet/PC makers, Automotive, IC Ppackaging and Testing companies …etc
Milestones 1986   launched [Universal IC Device Programmers]
1996   launched [Automated IC Programming Systems]
2001   set up [IC Programming Centers]
2005   launched[Memory Tester], established HsinChu [Memory Testing Center]
2008   established[Precision Vision Inspection and Measurement] R&D department
2015   expanded [IC Programmer/Tester] R&D, [Automated System] R&D and [Precision Vision Inspection and Measurement] R&D
2016   launced HL-620、HL-640、HL-660 (Automated IC Testing Systems)
2017   launched ALL-300G IC Programmer , AT-310A2 (Automated IC Programmng System)
2018   launced ICT-192 (IC Tester), HL-960 (Automated IC Testing System)

2019   launched AT3-310 IoT(IoT Security Deployment System)
           launched AT3-300G2 (8 sites Universal Programmer, supports EMMC, UFS)
           launched AT3-330A (32/64 sockets Automated Universal Programming System)
           launched HL-900i (48/96 socket, for bowl feeder, miniature package NOR Memory Automated Testing System ) 

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