Flash Memory Testers
 ICT 96B ICT 192 

(48/96 sockets, for Tube In.Out)

(8/16 sockets, for NOR/NAND/Flash memory


Flash Memory Automated Testing Systems
(Built-in multiple Flash Memory testers)

 HL 300i  HL 600i HL 900i  HL 1200I 
 HL-300i  HL-600i  HL-900i  HL-1200i
(48/96 sockets, for Tube In/Out) (48/96 sockets, for Tray) (48/96 sockets, for Bowl Feeder) (120/240 sockets, for Tray)
   IC Vision Inspection Systems
 HL 730A  HL 760S  HL 740A
 HL-730A  HL-760S  HL-740A
 (For reel only, 2D-lead Scan System)  (For tray only, 3D-lead Scan Mark Inspection System)  (For trayonly, Optical Alignment, Laser Marking System)


IC Bonding Vision Inspection/Measurement Systems   

 HL 620  HL 660 HL 640 1 
 HL-620  HL-660  HL-640
 (Wire-bond Measurement System )  (Die-Bond Measurement System)  (High Speed Wire-Bond Inspection System)

Memory IC Automated Testing System 

960 copy


Pick-and-Place Precision  ±0.02mm
Pick heads suction cup * 4
Performance  1500 UPH
Control X-Y-Z 3-axis servo motor
Movement Ball screw and Linear Guideway
Resolution  X/Y axis:0.0025mm;Z axis:0.01mm
Maximal Travel Distance  X axis:947mm、Y axis:1052.5mm、Zaxis :25mm
 θ axis resolution  0.15°
Input/Output Tray input and output  1.Auto-stacker * 2;each one takes 25 trays
Visual system Cameras 1. Table CCD: 130 million pixels (fixed)
2. Arm CCD: 130 million pixels (travelling)
Image precision  ±0.01mm 
Image processing speed  ~ 0.03 sec / unit
Tester System Tester  ICT-192 x 12
Dut(Device Under Test)  12*16
Operation Conditions Input Voltage  220 ~ 240 VAC single phase, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Consumption  20 KVA
Air supply  45 liter/min
Air compressor  0.6 MPa (~6.0 kg/cm2)

Working temperature/Humidity

Dimension Main body  W x D x H: 1680mm x 1540mm x 1460mm ; w/monitor H: 1820mm
Main body + Auto-stackers  W x D x H: 1680mm x 2070mm x 1460mm ; w/monitor H: 1755mm
Weight  1000 KG




Memory Automated Testing System

Built-in 4 sets of ICT-384 tester,provides maximally 32 x 4 128 duts parallel testing.

Proprietary for high density NOR/NAND Flash or serial Flash memory that requires long elapsed testing time.

940 copy 


Fully automatic control on load/pick-and-place/test/bin/unload in sequence.

   Pick and Place
Two high resolution CCD cameras in place for precise alignment.  Fixed (on table) upward CCD for IC device alignment and Carried (by arm) downward CCD for socket alignment.

   Multiple ICs Parallel Test
4 sets of ICT-384 tester provide maximally 128 duts parallel test

   High Throughput
picks up 4 chips at a time and place one-by-one in sequence,  performs about 1,200 uph capacity(if testing time < 6 minutes)

   Intuitive User Interface
User friendly Intuitive graphic user interface software.
The settings of parameters and test result are autosaved for next job, qualilty control and yield-rate tracking. 


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