Auto Programming System 


  • Up to 2500 UPH with 4 pick & place nozzles1
  • Equipped with 4 units of ALL-200G or ALL-300G programmers, supports up to 64 sockets
  • Flexible I/O options. Supports tray / tape / tube
  • Accuracy – oriented design and precise vision positioning system capable of handling 1.5mm x 1.5mm devices such as WLCSP
ALL 300GeMMC s2 copy 

High throughput, high performance

ALL 300GeMMC s2 copy 
  • Equipped with 4 nozzles, up to 2500 UPH
  • Well balanced hardware design with optimized system parameters ensure the handling accuracy under high speed movement

New generation device programmer

  • Equipped with 4 units of ALL-200G or ALL-300G programmers
  • Up to 64 devices programming simultaneously
  • Support wide range of devices including MCU/MPU, EEPROM, eMMC, eMCP, SPI memory, NOR/NAND flash, FPGA, etc…

Precise vision positioning system

  • Carried camera (0.3M pixels) for socket positioning
  • Fixed camera (1.3M pixels) for IC pick & place positioning
  • Minimize the jam rate during handling as well as the possibility of lead bent. Capable of handling as small as 1.5mm x 1.5mm devices such as WLCSP
  • New generation image processing core realizes fully auto vision positioning process

Smart operating software

  • All setup data such as IC type, socket type and position, are saved accordingly to achieve zero changeover time
  • User friendly operating interface minimize the possibility of misoperation
  • Provides detailed information of machine status, production status, warning, etc…
  • Detailed production reports and log files are saved for traceability

Support package conversion between tray / tube / tape

Other optional equippments

Laser marker Label feeder Pad printing system


Throughput Max. 2500 UPH
Pick & Place System Transmission Precision ball screws and linear guides
Drive system Servo motors
Resolution X/Y/Z:0.0025 mm;θ:0.15o
Vision System Carried camera 0.3M pixels, accuracy: ± 0.02 mm
Fixed camera 1.3M pixels, accuracy: ± 0.01 mm
Processing speed 0.03 s / device
Programmer All-200G x 4 units, up to 32 sockets
All-300G x 4 units, up to 64 sockets
I/O Devices Tray AutoTray (up to 25 JEDEC trays)
Manual tray
Tape Electric tape-in, 8~32mm (2 tape-in can be installed)
Tape-out, 8~44mm, heat-sealing or adhesive cover tape, Ink marking (dot, alphanumeric character)
Tube Auto Tube-In, up to 25 tubes
Tube-In, (4 / 6 / 8 tubes)
Tube-Out (4 / 6 / 8 tubes)
Other NG box
Bowl feeder
Control system Operating system Windows 7
Control interface Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse
Comm. interface Ethernet / USB 3.0
Power AC power 220 ~ 240V single phase / 50 - 60 Hz / 2.5 kW (max capacity)
Air pressure 0.6 MPa, 45 L/min
Weight 840 kg (Main unit)


  W D H
Main unit 1500 mm 840 mm 1510 mm(1678mm with tower light)
+ AutoTray (front) 1500 mm 1475 mm 1678 mm
+ AutoTray (back) 1500 mm 1432 mm 1678 mm
+ TapeIn / Tapeout (front) 1500 mm 1845 mm 1678 mm
+ TubeIn / TubeOut (front) 1500 mm 1650 mm 1678 mm
+ TapeIn / Tapeout (front)
+ AutoTray (back)
1500 mm 2437 mm 1678 mm


1Depends on IC programming time

Automated Tray IC Marking System  



HL-650 is a tray automatic marking system. It is easy to operate with a simple control panel. It only takes 1 ½ minutes to mark one tray of ICs. It is a high quality, high efficiency, automatic marking system. HL-650 is also very compact so it does not take much space.


Automated Tray IC Lead /

Mark Inspection System



HL-760S system performs efficient and precise lead inspection, ball inspection, mark inspection and surface inspection with accurate 3D optical measurements for ICs on tray. The lead scanning mechanism performs multi-unit pick & place lead / ball scanning while the mark scanning and sorting mechanism performs column-by-column mark / surface scanning as well as sorting and binning of pass and fail units.

This multi-task design makes system throughput up to around 12K UPH for operation depending on IC package size. Besides, system designed with small size, low height and storage space on the top can optimize spatial allocation for operation.

Automated Tray IC Laser Marking System



HL-740A equipment is a professional laser marker for ICs on / in tray. Automated operation with simple setting, user can adjust power and scan speed to optimize the marking result. System provides High-accuracy mode and High-speed mode.

In High-accuracy mode, system is with 0.1mm high-accuracy CCD alignment; In High-speed mode, system takes 40 seconds for one tray marking. HL-740A creates high-quality and high-efficiency IC mass marking

IC Taping Optical Inspection System



HL-730A IC Taping Optical Inspection System is an auto visual inspection equipment for IC taping processing. System offers excellent performance through graphical user interface, providing fast and stable visual inspection of pocketed IC orientation, dot, marking, PVI, bent lead, void, stacking (optional) , flip-over as well as tape sealing. HL-730A is the best vehicle to ensure quality of IC taping operation.

Device Programmers

Automated Programming Systems

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