Universal Programmers

  200 series universal progammers
(eMMC, UFS not supported)
  300 Series Universal Programmers
(eMMC supported, optional UFS)
Adapter(S/W) compatible with ALL-200 series
(for ALL-200 and ALL-300 series)
 all200 all200gtext4   ALL 300S all300g new  adapters 400x400
(1 socket)
(8 sockets)
(1 socket) 
(8/16 sockets) 
More than 2000 adapters

Intelligent Full-function Automated Programming Systems
(built-in multiple universal programmers)

AT3 310Aitext AT3 310ALitext AT3 380Aitext
AT3-310Ai AT3-310ALi AT3-380i
(32/64 sockets, optional tray, reel,tape loader and ink marker) (48/96 sockets, built-in tray loader, optional reel tape loader, 3D scanner and laser marker) (120/240 sockets, built-in tray loader, 3D scanner and Laser marker)
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