Universal Device Programmer

 A new generation compact size high performance device programmer


ALL-200 Universal Device Programmer is designed to provide high quality yet compact size programming platform for IC programming at development / engineering stage.


ALL-200 extremely high freq. core circuit design significantly cut down programming time of high density memory products.


ALL-200 has 56 sets of Precise Universal Pin Driver to provide high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable programming signals for various IC products including high speed low power devices recently released to market.


ALL-200 works with dedicated Socket Board (HD-xxx-xxx) per IC package type. This eliminates the requirement of additional socket adaptor / converter which might impact programming yield due to poor contact and/or signal noise.


The supporting software is updated weekly on HI-LO web site for checking / retrieving through Internet. Programming of new products will not be neglected after purchasing.

Download ALL-200

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